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Capture the upside of BTC price breakouts, manage downside through trailing stops. “Risk first” approach - capital preservation is prioritized over capital growth.

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Automated Portfolio Optimization

Deposit your tokens into the vault and let the vault and its automated rebalances optimize them across DeFi opportunities.


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“Risk first” approach - capital preservation is prioritized over capital growth.

Always defined risk for every position prevailing from trade inception until trade exit.

Each trade strategy comprises two independent trade orders: 1 "Workhorse" with a fixed target and stop + 1 "Racehorse" with a trailing stop.

Patache has pursued a pragmatic approach to developing a trading strategy instead of a strict theoretical framework. A foundation of our pragmatic approach is a "risk first" paradigm – capital preservation is prioritized over capital growth. The strategy emphasizes principal protection and steady, consistent returns while pursuing occasional "home runs."

The trade management technique of BTC Breakout strategy comprises two components: a workhorse and a racehorse. The point of the workhorse is to nullify risk and capture a small profit/cover transaction cost, and the point of the racehorse is to pursue a larger payoff opportunity. Check the "How it works" section for detailed strategy performance explanations.

The Strategy is expected to capture most of any positive price breakouts and limit losses through its trailing stops. Due to the nature of the strategy, it is designed for the Cellar participant to remain committed over a medium to long term time frame (6 months to a year). In this time the benefits of being in the strategy are expected to emerge."

How it Works

Every recommended trade always sets the trade risk immediately after the position is activated. The level of risk is determined by our proprietary algorithms and is optimized for modest risk tolerance. It is important to emphasize that having a risk limit does not imply a guaranteed risk price, as slippage can be exacerbated in uncertain market conditions. With the downside risk under pragmatic control, the strategy can shift focus to the realization of upside potential. The upside potential comprises two parts – a fixed target and a variable target. A fixed target is a reasonable expectation of modest favorable market movement, and a variable target is deliberately open-ended to facilitate the pursuit of an opportunistic movement in favor of the trade. The pursuit of a variable target is activated when the initial capital outlay for the trade has already been earned back and realized, thereby adding no incremental risk to the position.

All strategies available on Sommelier marketplace are comprehensively backtested.

Advanced crypto portfolio strategies by financial and crypto markets experts available on the Sommelier marketplace.

Sommelier hosts strategies for any risk profile or crypto assets preference.

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Real Yield ETH

Maximize ETH yield through Aave and Compound leveraged staking and Uniswap V3 liquidity provision of ETH liquid staking tokens.



Real Yield USD

The only strategy in Defi to maximize USDC, USDT, and DAI yields across Aave, Compound and Uniswap V3.



Real Yield UNI

Finally, another use for these governance tokens. Unleash yield powered by ETH staking and DeFi.


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You own the keys

You own the keys

Non-custodial—you control your funds.

Strategies by experts

Strategies by experts

Providers with years of combined experience.

Smart risk management

Smart risk management

Control and manage risk using machine learning.

Fully backtested

Fully backtested

Backtested with real market data.

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