ETH-BTC Trend Strategy

by ClearGate

Strategy portfolio buys BTC and ETH when prices go up. Fully or partially sells both assets when prices go down.

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Automated Portfolio Optimization

Deposit your tokens into the vault and let the vault and its automated rebalances optimize them across DeFi opportunities.


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Strategy Highlights

Holds a combination of BTC and ETH with smart rebalancing depending on market conditions.

Has high exposure to BTC and ETH when the price trend goes up, no exposure when the trend is down.

Risk management rules to reduce risks in unfavorable market.

ETH-BTC Trend strategy aims to provide a better risk-return tradeoff than holding ETH and/or BTC. The strategy follows upward price trends and exits the market when no positive trend is detected. The goal is to overperform simple buy and hold strategy, cut losses during market downturn, and re-establish the long position after prices start to go up, so that Sommelier users will not miss out any subsequent price appreciation.

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